Buying Tips
Get yourself educated before buying any IT Products, we have tried to provide best available tips.
You should be always aware of warranty terms before buying any products,there may be issues on the products warranty.
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1. That you ensure and understand the terms of warranty/support for the material which you are purchasing. Please ask for specific about Warranty whether it is ONSITE or CARRY-IN.

2. That the warranty in general is against defective workmanship and materials as per original manufacturer's warranty and does not cover Burnt cases, natural destructions, deliberate damages, physical damages, misuse, neglect or accident and consequential losses.

3. That any call under warranty shall be reported to and attended by only on working days and working hours only.

4. That any work done under warranty is at Party's risk.

5. That warranty shall be void if machine has been tampered with, by any unauthorized person.

6. That warranty support may be withheld till the clearance of final payment.

7. That any dispute regarding warranty may be referred to the association for arbitration.