Buying Tips
Get yourself educated before buying any IT Products, we have tried to provide best available tips.
You should be always aware of warranty terms before buying any products,there may be issues on the products warranty.
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Buying Tips

1. Firstly workout your requirement/application for which you are planning to buy your PC. For Example:

Home Use: Study, E-mail-Internet, Letter Writing, Games, Multimedia

Office Use: Letter Writing, Accounting, Email-Internet, Office Work

Specific Use: Graphic Designer, Audio-Video Application, Data Server, LAN-WAN, Mobile Computing.


2. Check out your budget and find out various options matching your requirement and budget. You may take reference of various advertisement appearing in news papers and IT Magazines.


3. If you are not very well conversant with PC technologies and intricacies, look for a Company Product offering a product matching your configuration specifying make & model of components and get it assembled ensuring warranty & service issues.


4. Once you have worked out What to buy, you also need to work out where to buy. For this you can assess the level of your Trust/Dependability of the vendor based on various factors, like:

Vendor's Standing in the IT Field

Vendor's Technical Knowledge

Vendor's Supporting attitude

Vendor's Registration with Trade Tax etc

Vendor's Clients List/References of people you know.


5. Still if you in a fix, you may seek help of any known person of your trust who is either already using PC himself and/or has sound knowledge about PC Hardware.